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A hair product can be divided into human hair and synthetic hair according to the source of raw materials. Today’s article will talk about these two different kinds of Curly Lace Front Wigs in detail. Perhaps you've heard human hair and synthetic hair. Would you like to know more about them?

What Is Human Hair?
As its name, Curly Human Hair Wigs is 100% human virgin hair. And it can be subdivided into two different types: Remy hair and Non-Remy hair. These two types of human hair both have similarities and differences. 

Remy hair has a better quality in that the hair cuticles are intact and all the hairs are running in the same one direction. Remy hair is always collected from one donor for quality assurance. Non-Remy hair is also 100% Headband Wig Human Hair but it is collected from different sources. So the hairs are running in several different directions.

What Is Synthetic Hair?
Synthetic hair is made of chemical fiber. In appearance, it is similar to human hair. Because of the different levels of raw material prices. The prices of synthetic hair products are more competitive than human hair products.

Why Women Like Human Hair Better Than Synthetic Hair?
Although these two types of hair have their own advantages. Market research showed that women like human hair better than synthetic hair. There must be many reasons. I will list some as below for your references:

1 Longer Lifespan
The lifespans of human hair products are longer than synthetic hair products. For example, a regular human hair lace wig is hand-made that can last for at least one year if under proper maintaining. A synthetic wig may only can last about half one year.

2 More Comfortable Fit
Some lace wigs human hair have lace bases. The laces we used are all high-quality Swiss laces that are light and breathable. So the breathability of human hair wigs is better than synthetic wigs. That is also why it is more comfortable and breathable to wear a real human hair wig. A healthy real human wig helps ward off skin allergies, also can protect your own hair and scalp well.

3 More Real And Natural Looks
If you just glanced at it, you will find that a synthetic hair wig looks similar to a real human hair wig. But if you look carefully you can see that human hair is really closer to your own real human hair. Human hair looks softer and can present attractive luster, smooth as silk. A human hair wig can offer you a more realistic and natural look. Other people even can not recognize you are wearing a hair wig.

4 Do More Hairstyles
Synthetic wigs have many options for hair colors and hair textures can let you choose. But after buying, the hair colors and hair textures of synthetic wigs couldn’t be changed later. People can not restyle their synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs can do more hairstyles, people can straighten or curl their human hair wigs at home. Also, some human hair wigs can be recolored, you can dye a preferred hair color by yourself.

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