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Short hair is very popular in refreshing and hot weather. The comfortable lace front bob wigs have been consistently praised by women. When you want to try this hairstyle, you need to look at it and master some information about Lace Front Bob Wigs’ content.

What is a lace front bob wig

The short bob wig in front of lace is cut from long human hair. The length of the bob in front of lace is 13 inches and the separation depth is 4 inches.In addition, it has a 13×6 inch lace front bob wig for your choice.Real Human Hair Wigs can protect your natural hair to an ideal degree.

What are the advantages of the lace front bob wig

1. Affordable
Usually the lace front bob wig is also called the lace front short wig, which is very good. The density of the lace front short wig is the same as that of the lace front wig. The short wig uses a shorter hair length. The shorter the hair, the lower the price. , Cheap Front Lace Wigs provide you with a completely natural appearance and high texture, and reduce your budget to a certain extent.

2. Refreshing
The short bob wig gives you a refreshing feeling visually, and it also gives you a breathable and refreshing feeling physically. The lace hole area is large, so it gives your scalp more free breathing space, and you can feel the feeling of the wind blowing from the scalp when you wear it.

3. Lightweight
Everyone does not want heavy objects to press on their heads, which may make us breathless, and the short lace front wig has a lightweight hat and beautiful lace front structure, pre-drawn realistic hairline, frontal lobe Helps become thinner, so it will not be so bulky.

4. Multi-level
Bob's style is not limited to one, it can be designed into multiple layers, with varying textures and styles, and layered Bob wigs can perfectly decorate your face shape, add shadows to your contours or make your facial contours clearly visible .

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