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Regarding human hair 360 Wigs, customers often have many questions. We have compiled some common questions and provided key answers. If you are interested, you can continue to look down.

Q1:Can they be straightened,curled?
A:Treat the hair as it is your omn hair.Use a flat iron/straightener.but as with your own 360 Lace Wig,nener use hot tools too ofter.

Q2:Can I dye or bleach the hair?
Yes.The hair can be a general rule it is easier to darken the hair than to lighter the hair.We highly recommend havingyour hairdresser dye the extensions.coloring them yourself always poses a high risk of not coming out the shade you want.If youcan not get to a salon,use a good quality hair dye and test a small sample first pleasr.

Q3:Can I wash the hair?
A:You can wash them as you would your own.Shampooand cinditioner.Bacause the hair is not attached to your is not gettingthe oils it should be.We also recommend using a hair treatment on them every few weeks.

Q4:Can I tie these wigs into ponytails? If I want to tie my wig into a ponytail, do I need to use glue or something?
yes,360 Lace Front Wigs are suitable for putting your hair into ponytails,you do need to choose the right hat structure, you can tie the wig into a ponytail. If you want to tie the wig into a high ponytail, use glue to fix the lace on the neck.

Q5:Why are my hair getting tangled?
A:Your hair can tangle due to dryness,oil.dirt build-up and not combing (wide tooth comb) out your hair daily.Make sure to washand condition your hair at least once a week comb the hair daily and use hydrating drops.

Q6:How long does it last?
A:This hair can last for a very long time depending on how you maintain t.Treat it like your own hairand take very good care of ifor it last longer.

Q7:Can I blow-dry the hair?
A:The extensions can be blow-dryed on low setting.but it is not recommended to do it too often.t is best to let your hair extensionsdry naturally after washing them.

Please follow the above tips and hope this blog can help you! If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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