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The price of real human hair wigs is usually more expensive. To achieve their sustainability, daily maintenance is essential. The most basic thing to maintain wigs is to clean your wigs. Let’s start with the wigs we often wear:Headband Wig, lace closure, Lace frontal wigs, etc. For these wigs, you need to clean them before or after wearing them to remove dust and debris from the wigs.Many women will have questions about the steps and methods of cleaning wigs: how should I clean wigs, this blog mainly focuses on this topic.
How to clean the Curly Headband Wig
Gently comb from the wigs end when cleaning, straighten the knotted,dustryhair.When it is difficult to fix or dusty. you are appreciated to clean it then.

6 steps to wash Headband Wig Human Hair
1)Pour proper amountof hair care confitionerto the water.Using cold water can better help you maintain your hairstyle.If you want to relax style, please use hot water.But the recommended temperature is 77-86°F, because water above 86°F may destory the lace cap and make your wig lose its elasticity. Cold water cannot melt shampoo and conditioner like warm water.

2)Stir the water until the hair care conditioner completely dissolves.When applying shampoo, do not apply it directly on the hair fibers. Fill up the shampoo while adding an appropriate amount of shampoo to obtain good soap bubbles.

3)Put the wig into thewater and soak for 1-2minutes.

4)Gently press the wig with your hands to clean,do not twist, pull or pull the hair.

5)Rinse the wig with clean water.

6)Dry :When you finish cleaning the wig.rememberto place the wig out of direct sunlight.Youcan dry it in cool air to about medium or70% dry,spray some wig care solution,combgently with specialized comb.Later,you canput it back to dry in the cool air.
When drying full long wig or curly wig,put thewig naturally ,then it canevenly dry.For curly wig.when it is not wavy,you can use bolwer or curling iron to make a newstyle yourself.

Note:In order to prolong wig's use time,it isbetternot to put wig under hight temperature.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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