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Natural fluffy curly hair increases your hair volume while also increasing your temperament. For a long time, many women like this high-quality fluffy Curly Human Hair Wigs. At the same time, if you want to keep your curly hair in good condition, you need to take care of it in your daily life so that you will maintain it in a healthy appearance.

What Is A Curly Wig

Curly hair wigs can be sewn from the Lace Front or closure by lace. The curly hair made from the front of lace can cover the entire hairline. If you want more styles, please order a lace front wig.

What Should I Pay Attention To In Daily Care Of Curly Lace Front Wigs

1. Water at the right temperature
When washing curls, high temperatures will damage the curls. You need to adjust the temperature of the water so that it feels warm when you touch it.

2. Use low temperature heat setting tools together
Turn the heat setting tool to the lowest temperature. High temperature can damage curls! If you want to use curling irons, hair straighteners, or electric combs, set it to the lowest temperature possible. Choose a curling iron with a large diameter so that you can curl your hair quickly without overheating.

3. Choose the right oil according to hair quality. Using natural oils to care for curly hair eliminates the need to use chemicals or worry about hairdressing products remaining in the hair. According to your hair quality and personal preferences, choose the most suitable oil.
Jojoba oil is very light in texture, not as greasy as other oils. All curls are suitable, especially loose curls.
Coconut oil can penetrate into the hair very well, making it strong and suitable for people with rough hair. However, some people may not like the smell of coconut oil.
The texture of olive oil or grape seed oil is neither thick nor thin, suitable for curls with a curl density of 180%-250%. In addition to making hair soft and shiny, olive oil has a strong smell and not everyone likes it.

Use the correct method to apply oil

Apply oil from the ends of the hair. Use 30ml of oil at the beginning and add it later if necessary. Start from the ends of the hair and work upwards. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to rub the oil into the hair and untie the tangled hair.

Unlike washing your hair, you need to wash it with cold water, which can lock the nutrients in natural oils. Compared with ordinary conditioner, it may take longer to wash off all the oil. Be sure to wash it! The remaining oil will make the hair look greasy. Let the hair dry naturally after washing.
Tangled, dull hair makes you look haggard for a few years. Everything needs to be managed, including hair. After learning the above techniques, this will save you the money to go to the salon to care for your wig.

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