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Body wave wigs are one of the favorite hair styles of black women. Not only can you see Body Wave Lace Front Wig in movies, but even today’s catwalks, you can often see the perfect interpretation of wavy hair by hair stylists. This blog is mainly to provide guidance on how to design and layer your body wave wig.

What is a body wave wig

Where did this name come from? It turned out to be an S-shaped wave. Body wave wigs can be sewn from Bundles&Closure or Bundles&Frontal. Generally, body wave wigs can be divided into synthetic wigs or body wave human hair wigs. In order to better styling and daily care of body wave wigs, body wave wigs with Human Hair Lace Wigs seem to be an indispensable condition.

How to make your body wave layered wig with Straight Wigs

1. Layer your wig
①Start from the middle part, divide it into triangular parts with part of the hair on both sides, pull this part of the hair to the chin part by hand, and then cut it.
②Place the hair on the front side of the ear in the middle of the face, start to slide the scissors down, and then slide it down in a diagonal motion.
Once you have completed that part of the operation, then you proceed to the other side.
③The whole hair is layered down, pull all the hair up, and then rotate again.

2.Styling your hair
There are many ways to set your curly hair style for wigs. The following method is to transform straight hair into body wave wig:
① Cut the hair into four equal parts.
②. Start with a front part and divide it into four parts so that each smaller part
The diameter is one-quarter.
③. Take one of the smaller parts and wrap it around the curling iron to keep it away from the surface
Department, this process needs to stay for a few seconds.
④. Remove the flat iron and hold the Curly Lace Front Wig in your hand or you can use a clip to fix the curly hair and maintain its shape, let it cool down before falling.
⑤. Repeat steps 3-6 for the remaining hair on the wig.
⑥. Run your fingers through the hair and brush out the curls to form a bunch of loose waves.

The retro-sentimental body wave wig brings you an elegant display. Such a classic hairstyle interprets the current aesthetic trend. If you are a woman who pursues elegance and generosity, the body wave wig is definitely the first choice for creating femininity.

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