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Have you ever heard that the secret to a woman's beauty comes from her hair? In order to hide the hair loss or want to get the perfect hairline, women will consider choosing the 360 Curly Wig. By reading this article, you will learn about the installation of the lace front wig.

What is a lace front wig
Lace front wig is composed of lace that connects from ear to ear. Lace front wig allows you to design baby hair anywhere on the front hairline, and you can also style your front hair freely at the front hairline. Wearing a 360 Deep Wave Wig is so natural and comfortable. The celebrities you know and the models on the catwalk can help you realize this. They are so amazing, seamless and imperceptible.

This article shares some tips to make your 360 Water Wave Wig or a more flawless appearance.

1. Wig cap
The wig cap plays a great role in maintaining the position of the wig and protecting the tidiness of natural hair. It acts as a barrier between the 360 Wet And Wavy Wig and the natural hair, increasing friction and preventing the wig from slipping.

2. Comb and Velcro
The wigs sold by mslynn company are equipped with combs and Velcro to help keep your wigs safe. At the same time, the velcro can be adjusted to match different head sizes, and it will be easy and comfortable to wear. It is the perfect solution for glueless installation. .

3. Use foundation to mix lace
When you find that you have bought a wrong lace color, dressing up with foundation or concealer can easily solve this problem. Whether it is a stocking hat or lace, you can use a brush to take some products and then color.

4. Smooth the hair roots
Wearing a wig often causes the root of the wig to be too high. At this time, you can use a curling iron or a hot comb to flatten it.

5. Trim lace
Use scissors to cut the lace. Don't cut too much when cutting the lace. Find a place where the clip can be close to the hairline, and then trim it carefully.

6. Use glue several times in small amounts
If you put down too much glue, it will become too white. Once you put it down like this, don't pick it up or move it.
If there is white glue around the hairline, you can wipe it with alcohol to eliminate the error. If you think it is still white, you can use the brush with foundation you just used

7. Design baby hair
This is a step that almost everyone will take when installing a wig. If you want to help your wig look more beautiful, baby hair will help you look more natural and beautiful.

8. Use stereotypes
Use some styling foam to spray on your wig. This will help you keep your curly or wavy wig.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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