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A Lace Front Wigs piece or lace frontal is attached in the front hairline in the same fashion as a full lace wig using adhesive, bond, glue or tape. The rear of the lace front piece must be blended into the existing hair and held in place with an attachment. Many women prefer lace front weaves for the attachment of choice but hair clips, tape, bond or glue can be used to secure the back of the lace frontal into their own hair.

A 13x4 Lace Front Wig is a method of attachment whereby the hair stylist makes a braid in the hair on the scalp and the back of the lace frontal is sewn into the weave or braid for a secure hold.  Many women who purchase the lace frontals also purchase our hair weaves to use in the back of their heads for uniformity and the same consistency.

Will a Lace Frontal look as natural as a full lace wig?
A lace frontal is constructed the same way as the Human Hair Lace Front Wigs of a full lace wig. Our in stock lace frontals come with fine French lace, top grade Indian remy hair, single strand by strand construction, bleached knots, and baby hair for a natural looking hair line. With combing and blending the lace frontal into your own existing hair, it can’t look more natural than that.

How to Apply a Lace Front Wig using Tape Step-by-Step
1.Prepare the wig tape strips and determine how many will be needed for applying your lace wig. If needed, cut the lace into smaller strips for hard to reach or smaller areas on the scalp.
2.Use alcohol and scalp guard to clean the area of the scalp where the wig will be applied.
3.Once you scalp is clean and oil buildup is removed, begin applying the lace wig tape using your fingertips to front and side hairline.
4.If you have existing hair make sure not to apply the wig tape directly to it as it may cause damage. An alternative would be to wear a wig cap and apply the tape directly to the cap.
5.Begin applying the lace front wig or full lace wig starting from the front and working your way back.
6.Give your wig a little pull to make sure it stays on your head.
7.That’s all! Your lace wig is now applied using wig tape.

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