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0736613276Women's Abortion Clinic is a certified Sexual Reproductive Center in Johannesburg offering same-day Safe Abortion services / legal Termination of Pregnancy procedures performed by qualified medical staff at affordable prices starting from R499.

It is your legal right to terminate a  pregnancy during Gestation and must be terminated by a certified abortion clinic.

We offer First trimester  abortion using the abortion pill / Tablets " Medical Abortion" or  you may opt for a minor surgery "Surgical Abortion".

Medical Abortion Procedure

Before an abortion procedure we first  test or do an ultrasound to confirm how many weeks of pregnancy or if you remember your last menstrual period we may also base on that information.

if the pregnancy is still small we shall use two types of abortion pills to terminate the pregnancy hence causing a miscarriage.

The first abortion pill will be taken orally and it will stop progesterone the hormone responsible for the growth of the fetus.

it will also soften the cervix so that the pregnancy can be expelled easily hence causing a miscarriage.

A few hours after swallowing the pills you will experience cramps,  nausea, vomiting and bleeding.

This induced abortion procedure is done same-day at the Safe Abortion clinic or the abortion pills can be consumed in your own privacy at home under the supervision of the doctor.

The Abortion Pills with instructions can be delivered to you and have this procedure done in your privacy at home under the doctors supervision.



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