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Abortion Pill is safe and cheap. It is used the world over. and it is effective. It is most effective for early termination. Two type of pills can be utilized or one type. Either way you will get the required results.

How Does Abortion Pills Works
Mifepristone interferes or blocks the effects of Progesterone, the main hormone to sustain a pregnancy. After it is taken with water, it relaxes the Cervix and helps the contraction of the uterus. Misoprostol causes the uterus to contract and expel the pregnancy. Completing the abortion process. Alternatively you can take Misoprostol alone and you will get the desired results. The medical professional will give you the required instructions. Bleeding: Bleeding can be expected to be as heavy as a period for at least 2 days. Bleeding may continue for weeks. Pain: Pain management requires over the counter drugs usually. Paracetamol with Codeine or Naproxen or Ibobrufen is recommended. Please ensure they are available to you before starting the process.
Rare but possible like infection – If you have very high fever go to your nearest hospital or clinic and tell them you have had miscarriage. You will be assisted with antibiotics and you will be OK.
Pill Failure:
An estimated 3 in 100 women the pill will not work /failure. In such a situation you will have to repeat the process.



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