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Many girls are wearing lace wigs. Tansparent Lace Wig is also popular among beginners. Now let us talk about why transparent lace is so popular among beginners.
What are high-definition lace wigs and transparent lace wigs

Both the transparent lace wig and the high-definition lace wig are Human Hair Lace Wigs, made of high-quality human hair.
The Hd Lace Frontal is made of a high-definition lace covering the forehead that is imperceptible. High-definition lace is also called Swiss lace, transparent and high-definition.
For transparent lace wigs, there are also many different popular textures on the market, transparent 4×4 lace wigs, transparent T lace wigs, transparent 13×4 lace wigs, if you want to have a deeper depth to get a more natural look, 13×6 Lace front wigs are also available for you to choose.
Why transparent lace is more suitable for beginners than hd lace

1. Reasonable price
It can meet personal needs while also having more customization, and the price is reasonable, which is what you all like. When you try a wig for the first time, cheap transparent wigs are more worth trying.
2. Durable
The thickness of transparent lace is thicker than HD. Therefore, the durability is higher, and the HD lace may be easily torn. Therefore, the transparent lace wig is more friendly to beginners.
If you are a beginner, I suggest that your first wig is a transparent lace wig. It is a high-quality wig and has a unit suitable for beginners. You may need to use liquid foundation to make it the same color as your skin tone.
Frequently asked questions about transparent lace wigs and HD wigs

Is transparent lace better?
It is hard to say that each type of lace has its own advantages. If you are an experienced person who pursues a flawless appearance, high-definition lace is more suitable for you. If you haven't been exposed to lace wigs, transparent lace is better.
Which lace color wig should I get

If your skin is white or you want a creamy white look, you can choose a'transparent'high definition' wig. If your skin is darker, a medium brown tone color suits you.

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