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To be simple, a Headband Wig is a wig that is made with a piece of headband material around its edge, through the headband rather than clips, you can slid the wig free to place right. Headband wigs can come in as many styles as regular wigs do, the number of insert combs, headband styles are the key factors that result in the differences.

Benefits of Headband Wig
Real beginner-friendly. Very fast to wear as well as remove. With a Headband Wig Human Hair, you have to suffer from a complicated process for installation which may include bleaching, plucking, glue down or sew in.

Secure to wear. With an adjustable strap headband wig is more secure, not easy to fall off. There is no need of glue of sew in, so it brings no hurt on your hair, gives your natural hair 360°protection, with Curly Headband Wig on, you can style your hair free as you like, most suitable for half up half down style.

Swift Change of Styles. The basic band is a piece of breathable&thin black cloth, you just need to add separate headscarf around the black one. Different headbands could be used to suit diverse occasions , match various make up and your outfits to show off your varied elegance. With the band around head circumstance, it allows ponytail for gym and yoga occasions, especially in the burnt sun.

Why Headband Wigs Are Highly Required
Reason 1 For convenience
Wearing a headband wig can save time,and you can wear it in a few minutes every day.When you are busy and have no time to take care of your hair,headband wigs will become your best choice.You can also choose your own headband and wig will never go wrong,it will be the perfect way to modify your style.

Reason 2 To Protect the Hair at Night
Many women use silk or satin headscarves instead of a bonnet at night,keeping their hairstyles in place and safe from drying.

Reason 3 To Avoid Styling
Your Hair During the Day If you don’t feel like doing your hair in the morning (or the night before!),large headbands are a great way to keep your coils in check.

Reason 4 To Take Part in a Ceremony
Many African immigrants,inspired by their native culture,wear a tribal head scarf for weddings or other ceremonial events.

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