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Fashionistas are foregoing natural wig shades in favor of a more adventurous, colorful style. While Burgundy Wigs shades can make a person feel more like themselves, choosing to don a green, blue, pink, or purple wig can give you a whole new feeling of confidence. Let’s take a look at why colored wigs are gaining so much popularity, what color works best for you.

Why Choose Colored Human Hair Wigs ?
Have you been on Instagram lately? Brilliant, bright hair colors are IN! Bold shades are far more accepted nowadays, even compared to 5 to 10 years ago. While colorful wigs are currently on-trend, you may be asking yourself “Why should I purchase a pastel pink/emerald green/cool blue wig?” Here’s why:

You’ll get a total confidence boost.
Colorful wigs also give off an air of courage or determination to those around you.
You get to wear your favorite color everyday.
You’ll feel more in control of your situation.

If you have hair and want to try out a bright color, Blonde Lace Front Wig will not damage your hair and are often less expensive than a professional hair-dying session. Plus, the color will be exactly what you want without fading or yielding other undesirable results.

While all these could apply to even natural colored wigs (well, maybe not the favorite color part), colored wigs just have a certain magic about them. Are you sold on the idea but not sure what color you want? It’s time to figure out which color speaks to you!

Making Colored Wigs Work for You
When choosing your wig color, there are basically two paths or methods you can follow:

Method 1: Pick Your Favorite Color
The fabulous thing about choosing bright pink or deep blue wigs is you’ve already crossed the line into colorful territory. Why not go wild? Choose your favorite color to get a look you'll love!

Method 2: Pick a Flattering Color
While simply picking your favorite color is the perfect option for some, some of us still crave the rush of executing a carefully outlined, highly researched, and completely full-proof color-fab plan. In other words, you want to pick a color that isn't just pretty, but also looks great on your skin tone. For these folks, a fantastic starting point is with finding your color undertones. Color undertones give you a better idea if a warm or cool hair color would be ideal for you. For a deeper look into determining if your undertone is warm or cool, check out our resource page Finding Your Color Season.

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