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First of all the scalp will breathe and you will no longer have the boring and annoying feeling of itching on the skin. You can tailor your hair the way you want, enrich and inflate the hair where the hair is missing even in the front always so difficult to hide. 360 Wigs are highly recommended for those who suffer from hair loss, alopecia or medium or severe balding, because by acquiring them you can decide where to inflate your hair and then hide the hairless area.
[url=]360 Lace Wig
Pros & Cons
Has a pre-plucked hairline for a more realistic look when worn.
Bigger parting space also will gives a realistic look.
360 lace around coverage that suits best for ponytails and updo styles.
It will give you that full and thick appearance because of the 360 closure bundle.
It may begin to slip after some time.
The wig may damage your scalp if not maintained properly.
The adhesive lasts for only 4-5 days hence the need for regular maintenance.
Glue needs retouch after two weeks and can cause skin irritation.

360 Lace Frontal Wig FAQ
Q: If I have to use gel or glue in the hairline?
A: If you can properly sew down the lace in the front, you don’t necessarily have to use gel or glue as the mostly suggested Got2b glue may make your edges look dirty after a few hours.

Q: What if the 360 lace frontal is too big for my head and keep sliding back?
A: Our 360 lace frontal comes with hooks in the back for fitting, so you needn’t worry about moving, or you can add clips in the back and clip it to the band. We are going to show you here how to sew on the wig clips onto the closure and it will keep your wig in place all day.

Q: Should I wear it as a sew in or a 360 lace wig or a full lace wig?
A:You can definitely wear a 360 lace frontal sew in as long as your hair is long enough to grip to braid and you can sew down the lace correctly. Also, you don’t want any leave out. You may also try to make it as a 360 lace wig so it’s easier to take it off at night and maintain it.

Q: What if it bunch up in the back?
A: You can cut a section from the back of the frontal & sewed it back together to fit the circumference of your head.

Well, let me know in the comments section below which one is your favorite, and why you would buy it. Get great products, awesome quality, little prices, and a very good customer service. You won’t regret it.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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