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4×4 Closure Wig is a must-choice cost-effective lace wig, but some people have questions about the choice of lace closure and silk closure . In this blog, we will help people to provide a direction and help in choosing which closure. We better choose the products that suit us.

What are the characteristics of lace closure compared to silk closure

The thinner Closure Wig requires us to wear a stocking cap to cover the braids below, while the silk closure does not require wearing a stocking cap, because its texture is thicker than lace, and it is thick enough to cover the silk base. For the braid below, the silk seal seems to be more durable.

The cost of silk closures seems to be higher than the cost of Lace Closure Wigs, so investing in silk closures requires higher prices.

Higher versatility
Lace seals are easier to dye. The separated position and hairline can be dyed the same color as the skin with liquid foundation, while the silk closure base is generally made to the color close to the scalp, but the color of the scalp is different for everyone , So you need to spend effort to change or hide the appearance of the silk closure base.

When the lace seal is made, hair will enter the lace base by being knotted. Therefore, black knots usually appear on the lace seal. This requires us to bleach. The bleaching process may require more time to complete the operation. , Mslynn store sells wigs that have been bleached with knots, saving time for your wear. The silk closure seal is thick enough to hide the black knots and can be installed naturally without bleaching.

How to determine which material of sealing to choose?
In the market, lace seals are more common than silk closures. There is no definite answer as to which one is better, because everyone's preferences are different, and everyone's lifestyle, style, and head shape are different. You need to go to your local hair salon. Go to the consultation to see which type of closure you are more suitable for. No matter which base closure you choose, both will provide you with a natural look.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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