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360 Wigs is very popular among black women who favor ponytail and updo styles and not unfamiliar with people. Most of them are curious about its name based on the acknowledge of 360 wig and do not know what exactly 360 Lace Wig is.Today’s blog will uncover the mysterious veil of it.

What’s 360 wig?
A 360 lace human hair wig is a kind of wig with a circle lace around the head. The human hair in this lace part is knotted into the lace hole by hand. Another part of the 360 Lace Frontal Wig is made of the high stretch machine-made wig cap, bonding with the lace edge. The 100% human hair is sewn onto the machine-made wig cap. The 360 lace human hair wig with baby hair also needs women to cut the lace to create a beautiful hairline.

Same as full lace wig, 360 lace wig is also composed of a loop of hand-stitched lace with hair knotted to it around the circumstance and a machine-made top with hair extension stitched.The difference of them lies in the measurement of lace.

Is 360 wig better than full lace wig?
It seems that 360 wig are more versatile than full lace wig. Yet as an old saying goes well,”Every coin has two sides”, so does the larger lace space. The more portion of lace taking up the whole wig means the less space left for machine-made section, which, meanwhile, indicates that fewer bundles could be added to it. Therefore, even if in the same density for same hair textures in same length, 360 wig will not look as full as full lace wig. People who pursue a very full hair effect may prefer to choose the latter one, although the hair amount on 360 wig is enough to create a natural hair volume.

Then come to one of topics that all people won’t neglect, the price. As mentioned above, the lace part for 360 wig is larger, so more time of handwork has to be devoted into one wig. No wonder, the cost of it will be a little bit higher than 360 one. In other words, price for 360 is more favorable.

Which one to choose?
It’s hard to judge which one should be chose, as both of them has its own advantages. We have to know about them clearly before purchase, and weigh our needs and budget, then seek a balance between them.

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