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Postpartum hair loss and stress are likely to cause hair loss and the hairline to move back. 4×4 Closure Wig is an excellent way to help you solve your hair anxiety. Women like to sew 4×4 closure and bundls together. Top 4×4 lace wigs to get the volume or density they want. Do you know how to sew a wig with a more natural closure, please read this article carefully.

What is closure wig sewing

Closure Wig sewing is a technique in which a seal is sewn in the middle part. The bundle or seal is sewn on natural hair with needles and threads to create the illusion of a natural scalp. Generally speaking, the number of bundles required for closure sewing depends on the size of the closure, and the number of bundles required for different closing sizes and different hair weaving lengths is also different. It is a good idea to obtain 3 bundles of hair bundles for 4×4  Lace Closure Wigs.

What is the tutorial for closed natural sewing

1. Weave natural hair
Weave the hair into braids that are parallel to each other back and forth. The most important thing is to braid the hair vertically instead of braiding it back as usual.
2Clean the forehead
Clean excess oil and dirt, so that the adhesive can fully bond.
3. Put on a wig cap
It is necessary to sew the closure on the wig cap to obtain a more natural appearance and connection.
4. Determine the closing position
Place the closure on the head and determine where the closure should stay in order to facilitate the subsequent development of the closure sewing procedure.
5. Stitch the wig
Prepare the needle and thread in advance. When sewing closed, do one side first, then the other side, and finally do the back to prevent this kind of closed sewing asymmetry. After stitching the braid, place the braid on your head and feel the braid to make sure the braid is aligned with the braid. Start knitting from top to bottom. Use hair clips to secure the braid to the braid to hold it in place. Then sew the braid and the bundle without leaving a gap in the middle. Then, you can set the style at will.

How long does the closure wig last?

This sewing process can last for at least four weeks, after which you should remove the 4×4 lace closure for deep care.
Incorrect sewing methods may cause your hair to fall out or look unnatural. If you are worried about your sewing technique, you can go to your local salon and hairdresser for consultation or get sewing installation directly at the salon.

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