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Some beginners may not know the basic knowledge about wigs. This article discusses the classification of wigs and the characteristics of different wigs.

What are the classifications of wigs
Wigs can be divided into machine-made, half-hand-woven and full-hand-woven wigs from the most primitive classification according to the production process. The wigs similar to headbands and U Part Wig Human Hair that we will commonly see or hear in the market are all fully-mechanized wigs. Full hand-woven wigs are full lace wigs. Half-hand-woven wigs, as the name suggests, are a combination of machine-made wigs and full-hand-woven wigs, combining a part of lace craftsmanship with the ultimate craftsmanship to meet the needs of some people. Half-hand woven wigs include, Lace Closure Wig, lace frontal wig. 360 wigs..

What is the difference between lace and non-lace wigs

In the case of the same raw materials, the air permeability and comfort of hand-woven wigs are better than those under the situation. Hand-woven wigs are hand-crocheted according to the direction of hair flow. The lace material is thin and breathable, and Human Hair Lace Wigs will be more comfortable to wear. some.

The cost of machine-made wigs is lower, while hand-woven wigs consume a lot of manpower and material resources. Therefore, the cost of hand-woven wigs will be higher and the price will be higher. If you don't want a big hole in your pocket or your budget is limited, you can choose a mechanical wig or a half-hand woven wig.

The production of hand-woven wigs takes longer. If you need to customize a wig, choosing a hand-woven wig means that you have to wait more time before the merchant will ship it. The construction period of the mechanism wig is short, and the waiting time will be less. 

From a distance, you may not see the difference in the appearance of the wig, but if the distance is very close, you will not be able to see that you are wearing a full-lace wig. The full-lace wig is more realistic.

When should I buy a non-lace wig

-You like the color and texture of the wig
-You don't like to use adhesive to install wigs
-You are not looking for the most natural wig on the market
-You want to quickly change your appearance and enjoy cost-effective items
Based on the above introduction, if you want to try a wig, you can choose a wig according to your needs.

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