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In mslynnhair, 360 Wigs and 13×4 wigs are the two best-selling products. Do you want to know the difference between these two wigs? This article will mainly introduce the difference between the two.

The price is different: the price of the 360 Lace Wig is similar to that of the 13×4, but the 360 wig is usually more expensive. In mslynn, the price of the 360 wig is about 10 dollars more than the 13×4 wig. The 360 wig is more comfortable, more breathable, and more suitable for summer. , I think 360 wigs are also more worthwhile. And for sewing technology, 360 wigs need two bundles of hair bundles to complete the natural installation, while 13×4 wigs need at least three bundles to achieve the final normal wig appearance. For 360 Lace Front Wigs sewing, it does not cost much. .

Installation procedures are different: in terms of finished wigs, the installation time is different, because 360 wigs have lace on the front hairline and nape hairline, which need to be glued. Usually, for a complete wig installation, 360 takes time To be more, 13×4 is more suitable for daily wear. But for the sewing operation, 360 can complete the sewing with fewer hair strands. Therefore, the sewing of the frontal lobe of 360 takes less time than that of the 13×4 frontal.

Size difference:The 360-degree front covers the entire hairline around the entire head. The cap size of the 360 lace front wig is 22.5" x 4" x 1". 22.5" is the circumference from ear to ear, 4" indicates the depth of the front, and 1" indicates the width of the back and sides.

Different hair styles can be done: 13×4 and 360 wigs are both 10/10 human hair. Therefore, their functions are similar, and they can choose the same texture. They can be Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair, and Brazilian hair. The only difference is that the 360 wig has lace on the back, so it can be natural to make a high ponytail, but 13×4 can only make a low ponytail, because once the machine weft part is exposed, it will suffer.

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