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The deep separation space of 360 Wigs is loved by women. Many people do beautifully when wearing wigs, but there are some troubles when fixing 360 wigs. Some experience can be obtained by watching other people's videos. Here are some tips for slay wigs.

What is a 360 wig

The 360 wig is made of a lace wig that surrounds the head and a semi-machined wig with a round center. Because the entire hairline is full of Swiss lace, the 360 Lace Wig is very natural. You don't need to cover the hairline, just expose it to show its cohesive appearance.

How to slay 360 Lace Frontal Wig

1. Invest in quality tweezers
Tweezers are indispensable. Before using the tweezers to pull out the hair, you must first add some water, just spray water, which will help pull out the hair. If you don't want to tear your hair, please invest in quality tweezers. Here you need to separate your hair bit by bit, sometimes this does take time.

2. Shape your 360 hair
First use a wax stick to push the exposed baby hair back, and use a hot comb to pass it through. Just remove it from the face, and you will get a more concise application. Make sure you don't allow the hot comb to become very hot. Your comb should be set to medium rather than above this value. If the comb temperature is set higher, it may damage the scalp.

3. Pin your hair
After bonding the back of the 360 wig, use a threaded needle through the stocking cap on the back to sew a part of the natural hair and the wig, so that the wig looks closer to the head.

4. Give time for your bonding
The adhesive makes it milky white, and you need to wait for a while for it to become colorless before you can pull the wig to bond it. Before starting the melting method, the hairline must be cleaned with cotton balls and alcohol.

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