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Headband Wig has been paid attention to by people who have a demand for wigs since their birth. We will often see headband wigs worn by our favorite YouTube bloggers. Next, I want to find out about headband wigs. Headband Wigs Headbands can not only decorate natural hair, but have also been used in wigs recently. The real hair headband wig is a wig that best reflects the natural appearance. This article will tell you what a headband wig is and how to identify it.

What is a Human Hair Headband Wigs
Human hair wigs belong to the category of wigs, which are high-end wigs. Real hair wigs are made of real human hair (Chinese Shunfa or India Shunfa). The hair is crocheted by hand, and buckles are used according to the growth direction of the hair. The knot is fixed on the bottom of the wig net, and the top of the head is made of highly simulated scalp net material, which can be sewn at will. It is suitable for hair loss, chemotherapy, gray hair, beauty and other women.

What is the Best Headband Wigs
Buying a headband wig is an investment, and you need to invest it carefully. The best headband wigs last longer than synthetic wigs. High-quality, high-quality human hair wigs make the hair look silky and not easily tangled and also very natural, although it is more expensive.

Real hair identification
If you or someone close to you bought a real headband wig and want to judge whether it is real human hair, choose a small strand of hair to burn. First, smell the real hair is the smell of barbecue, and the heat-resistant silk is plastic. In addition, twist the burned ashes, twisting into powder is real hair, and lumps are made of heat-resistant silk. Finally, the highest heat-resistant temperature of the heat-resistant wire is 180-200 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you can choose a strand of hair to be straightened or curved with a straight clip or an electric roller at a maximum temperature of 220 degrees. The non-scorched paste is real hair, and the scorched paste is added with heat-resistant silk.

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