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Many people don't know what a T Part Lace wig is. It can be said that the T Part wig and Hd Lace Frontal hair have a 13-inch lace front hairline area. This feature makes the hairline very natural. Next, let us understand what T wig is and its characteristics.
What is a T wig
The shape of the lace part of the T-shaped wig looks like a "T" shape from the back of the wig, which is why this type of wig is named. There is only a small amount of lace in the center, so you can only do a middle part hairstyle.
Usually, to distinguish wigs from its material, raw materials and type to judge.
It is easy to confuse T-shaped wigs with U-shaped wigs. You must know that, unlike U-shaped wigs, T-shaped wigs are a wig with lace, and the installation method of T-shaped lace wigs is similar to that of lace wigs.
What Are Features of T wig

T-shaped wig hair is a complete wig made of real human hair, it can make you out of the hair weave. If you wear a Transparent Lace wig, it is difficult to see you wearing a wig even if you look at a short distance. It seems to be combined with the scalp very naturally.

The price of T-type wig is very cheap, if you maintain it well, you can use it again after half a year.Finding wig manufacturing shops online will bring you a very good experience

T wig and U wig. Which one should I choose.

Both wigs are affordable and both enhance self-confidence. Choosing between a T wig and a U wig can be difficult. How to choose depends on the situation.

U wigs are natural hair that is ironed, heated, and straightened and mixed with natural hair. Heating hair repeatedly may cause natural hair thermal damage, breakage or hair loss. If your natural hair shed frequently, Please not to choose the U part wig at best. .

T-type wigs are useful for anyone who wants to protect natural hair quality. Glue or adhesive should be used to fix the hairline. For those who are allergic to glue or sensitive skin, please be careful to choose T wigs.
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