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What a 360 Lace Frontal Wig is. Well, we have the answer for you. For this kind of wig, the lace is needed to cover the dimension from one ear to another. This is mainly done to create a natural look and hence more realistic. Creating a natural look helps to redefine your beauty.

The hair is tied individually. The best lace frontal wigs are also hand-made. The natural 360 Wigs cap is made out of lace, so it is very comfortable. You can get a realistic look by using this type of wig. You can also get variations in lace frontal wigs.

How to wear a lace front wig
When you first buy a 360 Lace Wig , you will notice that there is excess lace at the front and the sides of the wig. Do trim the lace according to your natural hairline and also your face structure. Use thin and sharp scissors to cut the lace. You will get these types of scissors in beauty stores.

Wear the lace frontal wig co-ordinating with your natural hairline. You will have to tie up your natural hair before placing the wig on it. Braid your hair nicely and suspend it with pins. French braids or corn braids are good hairstyles for going under a wig. Now, place the lace wig on your forehead and slightly push it back. Once your wig is on, adjust the sides to your head.

Adjust the wig properly on your head. Use bobby pins or glue to stick the wig to your hair. Sometimes adhesive glue can be a little harsh on your hair. The dry glue gets stuck to the root of the hair and plucks it out. So, to avoid such problems use coconut oil to remove the glue at the end. If you are using bobby pins, make sure you have tied both the sides properly.

Is a lace front wig worth the money?
Lace frontal wigs are more costly than other types of wigs. The lace frontal wigs are very comfortable and different from the other types of wigs. It has a much high quality of hair. These types of wigs are very natural looking. Lace front wigs are definitely worth the money!

Do Lace front wigs damage your hair?
A lace front wig does not damage your hair. If you do not remove the wig properly, or if you do not take care of the wig, it might cause hair loss. If you are very careful with the application of the wig and the removal too, then you don't have to worry about hair fall or damage. You can also buy products which will help you in making the removal and the application of the wig very easy.

Be ready to feel like a goddess. Women throughout the globe just love it! You cannot even distinguish normal human hair with synthetic hair in the lace frontal wigs. It is recommended to always choose the lace wigs, which will last long.

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