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Lace Front Wigs always attracts more attentions with African women. More and more girls would like to try the wig that is why wig is the top selling in the human hair lace wig market. However, most of the people do not know how to care lace wig so that when they got the curly wig at the first time is beautiful, once they wear it for a time, it will be cause hair problems like hair loss and hair tangled. They do not know what should to do on the Human Hair Lace Front Wigs, and what should not do on the curly wig. Today we summary the tips for lace wig, it will help you keep your human hair wig on your head for a long time.

1.: Let lace wig air dry. Do not use hair dryer.
As we all known that the best to let the hair dry is air dry. After you clean your 13x4 Lace Front Wig , if you have enough time, we suggest you can let your hair flat on a dryer towel then let it air dry. If you do not have enough time to waiting for long time, you can use the diffuse which to increate the temperature in the air. Do not forget to apply some moisturizing products to keep the hair shine.

2.: find the professional hairstylist to do the hairstyle. Do not do the hair cut by yourself.
If you need to do hairstyles with your curly wig, we recommend you can get the hair salon and find professional hairstylist to do it. A trim will help you keep your hair end healthy.

3.: Apply the hair spray in the daily. Do not wah your curly.
The curly frontal wig needs more time and energy to care. It’s necessary to apply for some curly wig conditioners on the curly hair. It will help to keep the curl soft and avoid hair tangled. Do not wash your human hair lace wig frequently even thought you got one short curly wig, that is unnecessary to wash it every day. Frequently washing wig will make the hair dry and lost nutrition.

4.: use wide-tooth comb. Do not just comb the hair.
If you do not want your wig looks frizzy, please do not use a brush. If you noticed that your hair need to brush and prevent tangles, you can use brush it the shower with a wide-tooth.

5.: hold curly wigs in place with your fingertips. Do not run your finger through your hair.
After you installed your curly lace frontal wig, please do not use your finger rush through your hair. In this way it will cause the curl loose and make the hair frizzy. However shaking method can helps the curly wig to the natural curl.

There are so many lace wig vendors on the hair market, the price is not the only way to choose the hair. We have our won factory and provide A variety of curly wigs with the affordable price. The lace wig quality can be guaranteed. If you are looking for a curly wig in autumn, why not go ahead and check it now.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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