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This year, hairstyle and clothing trends are moving in a retro direction. Flip hairstyles and high ponytail hairstyles are very popular 360 Wigs styles for women. This blog will introduce what these two styles are and how to make hairstyles.

1. Flip hairstyle
The flip styling needs to use a curling iron to achieve the function of curling the head and tail. At the fashion show, it can be seen that the flip hair style can be applied to any occasion (fashion show, concert, conference, etc.). Women often use 360 Lace Wig to flip hair styles, because No matter what kind of flipping hairstyle, 360 wigs are very suitable. The curvature of the flipped shape is more of an elegant and retro atmosphere or a feeling of high coldness.

How to make a flip hairstyle.
The method is quite simple, just curl the end of the hair outward. But apart from the hair ends, one of the key points of Flip Hairstyle is to have enough hair volume, and to be soft and smooth from the top to the ends of the hair to achieve this effect, so make sure to make the 360 Lace Front Wigs on the top of the head fluffy. Look thicker, or choose 180% density or 250% density hair.

You can also add a hair clip to instantly make the look more cute, just like a cheerleader from the old age, and the super-curly hair end adds a girly sense of liveliness.

To a certain extent, the flip styling is closer to the Bob hairstyle, both of which usually use the technique of tail flipping to make the overall appearance look more vivid, but the flip styling makes the retro and modern blend more.

2.High ponytail
The high ponytail style is a retro hairstyle that began in the 1960s, and it is also very applicable now. People usually like to put the high ponytail in the 360 front wig. The short baby hair on the forehead of the 360 wig adds a sense of movement. It is the icing on the cake, and it can also be used to modify the monotone. Ponytail hairstyle.

How to make a high ponytail
Just divide your hair into two parts: the upper part of the hair is fixed with a hairpin, the lower part of the hair is also tied with a ponytail, and then the upper and lower parts are tied together with a hair tie to form a ponytail. Gently comb and rub the top of the hair with your fingers to grab the top of your hair and make a clean ponytail.
Fluffy: You can use a comb upside down to add volume to your hair.

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