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There are many different Lace Front Wigs on our website, they are both of great quality.We have lace front wigs, lace closure wigs, 360 lace wigs on sale.Today, we will introduce the difference between lace wigs.

Lace Front Wigs
The Curly Lace Front Wigs is a half machine-made and half hand-made lace wig. It creates a natural-looking hairline which makes the wig look more natural in nature. The lace frontal covers 13 inches across your forehead which gives you a 13-inch parting space. You can do parting more freely. (three part, middle part, and free part) There are many types of lace front wigs to choose from, such as 13x4 Human Hair Lace Front Wigs.

Lace Closure Wigs
The 5*5 lace closure wig is made by 100% virgin human hair bundles with a 5*5 Swiss lace closure placed at the middle front top of the head. As the length of lace covers on your forehead is only 5 inches, it can make the installation more comfortable and easier, no need to use glue. That’s why the affordable 5*5 lace closure wig is also named beginner-friendly wig.

360 Lace Wigs
The best 360 lace wigs are completely designed with a sheer lace around the whole hairline from the beginning to the end attached to the circle of the wig. Which makes it looks as if the wig hair growing from your own scalp. 360 lace human hair wig can be tied into a high ponytail. Because the lace is surrounded by a circle, so will not be exposed.

Brown Lace Wig
The color of the lace is brown, so you need to pay attention to the hairline when using it.

Transparent Lace Wig
Transparent lace is the lightest color lace that sits on your hairline and looks very natural. They come in all types including frontals and closures as well.

HD Lace Wig
A real HD lace wig is the thin and soft Swiss lace, it is a transparent, natural-looking and see-through lace that matches the complexion you have because it sits on your scalp like an adhesive invisible shield.

The Difference
HD lace is a new name of Swiss lace, a kind of lace that is thinner and more transparent, and transparent lace is regular lace in transparent color.

And according to the features of the material itself, HD lace is thinner and more delicate and see-through than transparent regular lace, so more and more wigs wear ask for HD lace wigs. We are not saying that we must buy an HD lace wig, actually, and experienced wig wears can slay any kind of lace wigs.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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