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With the development of the times and the improvement of living standards, fashionable women often have to change the face of their beloved hair-some have to dye it.Human Hair Lace Wigs are suitable for these women is looking for substituting natural hair .

The difference of human hair lace or synthetic hair

Water resistance
The special functional design of your artificial wig helps weatherproof, even if the weather is bad, your wig will not change its original shape.

Real Hair wigs for women lasts longer, and it requires more maintenance.

The shape of the artificial wig is fixed when it is factory, and there is no need to reshape it. Therefore, this property also reflects the convenience of wearing synthetic wigs. At the same time, the appearance of synthetic wigs always looks very bright. It is true, you can add some chemical products to reduce this unnatural light on its appearance, but there is no way to completely remove the light.

You can design Cheap Lace Front Wigs instead of using heaters for human hair wigs. This will definitely make your artificial wigs zoom and curl or even burn! Therefore, please stop using flat iron for artificial wigs. Human hair wigs allow you to design and make a variety of hairstyles.

The difference in raw materials inevitably determines the difference in price. The price of a human hair is equivalent to several or even a dozen synthetic hair.These wigs and tops are usually more expensive and will be your mid-stream main pillar.

On the streets and alleys, you can see all kinds of people. Their hair is also of various colors: long or short, curly or straight, black or yellow. These are of different lengths, different colors, and straight hair. Have you noticed it?These wigs of different lengths, shapes and colors can be customized by mslynnhair.Choose from a variety of colors and match your existing natural hair, or add new shades to your style.

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