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360 Wigs are the latest trend in sewing and hair extensions. Women want a new natural look. Therefore, they have tried to wear 360 wigs.

The pre-plucked 360 Lace Wig gives you a layered appearance. The hair on the hairline seems to grow from the scalp. By wearing the 360 wig, African American women have the opportunity to break their original hair style and achieve beauty. If you want a different style,360 Lace Front Wigs can also give you these.

How to wear a 360 wig every day

1. Measure your head
Measuring the size of the head is necessary for the feeling of comfort after wearing the wig. If you want to wear a 360 lace wig easily every day, you need to know the six precise sizes of your head, from the front of the circle to the nape of the neck. -Ear to ear through the forehead-ear to ear through the top-temple to around the temple-nape. After you have determined your size, you can compare it with the size chart of the online store to choose the most suitable size.

Tips: There are generally three types of hat sizes, large, medium and small. The sizes of hats of different specifications are floating in a certain range. Therefore, the final choice of hats may not be particularly close-fitting. It is a problem to choose a larger hat than a smaller one. Be small, because if the hat is small, you can't refit the hat to your head by cutting or reprocessing. This is impossible to solve, and the hat can be bigger.

2. Hair texture
Depending on the hair texture, you can have many options. If you are considering what type of hair to choose, real hair wigs can provide direction for your thinking, because no matter what kind of 360 real hair wig you choose, you can design it to your favorite texture.

3. Wear a wig hat
Wearing a wig cap can prolong the life of the false method. It isolates the natural hair of the wig and prevents high-quality damage on the scalp of the natural hair. At the same time, it can also reduce hair wear and maintain the shape of the hair, thereby helping to protect the hair. Promote hair cleansing.

4. Clean
Clean your styling tools, clean your wig.
Regular cleaning of the styling tools can remove the bacteria and chemical residues attached to them, and prevent the hygienic interference caused to the wig during use.
Keeping your wig clean requires regular cleaning and care, so please follow the correct steps to clean your wig.

5. Use a coarse tooth comb
Never choose a pointed-tail comb to comb your hair. Use a coarse-tooth comb to start from the end of the 360 wig and move upwards slowly to avoid tangles and strains. For densely curly hair, the best comb is your finger.

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