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The 13x4 Lace Wig has lace on the frontal part of the wig, where the hairline is. These wigs are very popular owing to their ability to provide wearers with a more natural-looking hairline. They appear as if the locks in front are your strands, due to the hand-tied and spaced-out hair and the 13x4 Lace Frontal blending in with your skin.

How To Wear A 13x4 Lace Front Wig In A High Ponytail
The density of the wig
The wig’s density will affect how well you can make a wig ponytail. If you want to make a perfect wig ponytail, then you should wear a light density wig. Light density wigs are light and that means they weigh less and therefore, can hold in a ponytail. On the other hand, a 13x4 Lace Front Wig with a heavier density may be hard to pull into a ponytail and stay secure.

Get a wig cap
It may require a lot of effort to find a wig and style that works well for you. In most cases, a wig cap can affect how you style your hair. If the wig cap fits well, making a high ponytail can be quite easy since the lace front wig is more secure with the well-fitting wig cap. If you want to secure the ponytail in place, you can pin the wig into the cap.

Don’t undermine the power of a wig band
A wig grip band is a perfect tool to assists you keep the wig or weave hair in a fixed position. It is especially crucial when you make your wig into a ponytail as it generally slides back. The wig grip headband is a velvet headband. It can be sewn into the back of your human hair wig.

The wig band can wrap around the back of your hair, helping your wig remain secure in one place, and at the same time, stay comfortable without sliding or slipping. Of course, this makes the wig band a must-have item for anybody who wants to make a wig ponytail.

Combine your natural hair with your wig hair together
This is a little secret known by a few people. Use a small portion of your natural hair to make your wig look more natural. However, this only works if your natural hair is the same color to the color of your wig.

To do that, take the wig band and wear it on your natural hair. Then use the end of the rat tail comb to pull out the edges of your natural hair around the back of your human hair wig. You should do this gently. This step can make your hair look pretty messy, but don’t freak. You will definitely love the end result. Then wear your lace front wig. You will see your natural hair strands popping and hanging out under your wig.  Comb them back and secure them into a ponytail.

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