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Daily cleaning of the hair is necessary, as is the Closure Wig. First of all, let me introduce to you what a sewn closed wig is, how to wash the closed wig and how long the sew in with closure wig can last.

What Is Sew In With Closure
Use bundles and hair blocks to sew to complete the A Lace Closure Wig. The lace sewn with real human hair is very natural. No one knows that you are wearing sewing or a wig.
How To Clean A Sew In With Closure

Wash off the shampoo, you don’t need to leave excess shampoo on your head. Take the comb through the hair

Put on a shower cap and wait for a few minutes until the conditioner enters the hair, so that the hair is deeply locked in water.

Press the hair with a towel and gently do not rub it to avoid tangles.
Dry under the hood of the air dryer for 45 minutes. The temperature of the dryer should be in a cool condition, which can reduce the possibility of damaging the hair.

Use a dropper to drop the product on various positions. These two products can keep your hair fresh and not sticky.
The whole process does not need to take off the wig and rinse with water directly.

What Is The Maintenance Time Of Sewing A Wig

Regardless of the durability of the hair closure and the degree of care, I think the Human Hair Lace Wigs can always be used for 1 to 2 years. Some Sew in with closure or frontal may only last a few months, but if properly maintained, their lifespan can be increased from 6 months to 1-2 years.

Will The Sew In With Closure Wig Fall Off

Normally not, the hair stylist will use sewing needles to weave the hair along the scalp, and then sew the natural hair into the braid, so that a strong connection is formed between the natural hair and the braid. If the hair stylist is skilled, it It won't fall off, you can wear it to take a bath or go swimming at the beach, there is no problem.

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