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13x4 Lace Front Wig also can be called 13x4 lace closure, is a closure piece made of lace base and human hair, used in the front to make a full head. The size of the 13x4 lace frontal closure is 13-Inch across and 4-Inch back.

1, Please choose the correct brand of shampoo, conditioner.
When buying products for cleaning or condition wigs, you should first understand the composition of the raw materials of different products, because we all know that special products require special care products, otherwise, it is easy to damage our wigs, because of general shampoos and hair care products have many chemicals in it, which will destroy the hair texture on the wig and the lace structure of the wig, especially the Lace Front Wigs products. Therefore, shampoo and hair care products should choose natural types that do not contain chemical additives, such as coconut milk oil and so on.

2, Take care of the wig comb when you wash or style it by yourself
The method of washing your own hair is different from washing your wig. This is what you have to do: First, dip the wig in shampoo and water, and then apply the shampoo or conditioner to the wig by hand. Then rinse the Human Hair Lace Front Wigs with warm water until the wig is rinsed off. Finally, comb the moisture on the wig by hand and let it dry by itself.

3, Please remember do not to heat on the 13x4 lace wigs.
As we all know that the high heat will damage the lace cap for both French lace and the 13x4 lace. When you wear a 13x4 lace then please do not use any heat on the wig cap especially when you styling your wig. On the other hand when you use a hairdryer to blow your wig then remember not to use high temperature to blow on the lace surface.

4, Do not wear it when you sleeping or swimming, or take a shower.
The knots on the 13x4 lace wigs are much weak compared with the French lace wig types, so it will be easy to get lose and shedding. As we know when we sleep or swimming or take a shower we usually may not take the wigs in a proper way so it may cause damage on the wig so it will occur problems.

5, Get to a professional hair salon to take care of it and do some special hairstyles for you.
If you want to do some special shapes or something you are not good at then please go to a salon to let the professional guy help to style it, As for an 13x4, a lace wig may need to do on this. And the hair salon may also help you deeply conditioned the hair wigs to help them last longer.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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