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If you have the deep wave lace wig or body wave Closure Wigs in hand and you have been wearing this hairstyle for a long time and tired of this hairstyle. If you want to straighten you curly wig at home? Can you do it by yourself? Of course the answer is yes. If you can straighten you lace wig at home. It will help you save more time and money to go the hair salon. No matter what texture for human hair Lace Closure Wig , all it can be straighten use the hair tools. There is a problem is that is easy to burn the human hair when straighten it with incorrect operation. How to straighten human hair lace wig at home by yourself. Follow this article. We will teach you how to do it.

Iron straighten Method.
1.This is the most comment straighten method in the salon, you can do it at home, first you need to clean your 4x4 Lace Closure Wig , the let it air dry to blow dry it.
2.Read your iron straighten instructions carefully, then put it on the proper temperature. When you straighten the hair on your wig, make sure it’s warm.
3.Now put your lace wig on the shelf that will be easy to straighten it.
4.Straighten the hair on the wig from the bottom. You can do it with small strands of the hair at a time. Remember that do not keep the straightens iron on the hair for a long in case it will burn the hair.
5.After straightening the bottom of the wig, move it to the middle part of the wig. Then the middle part just remember to straight it from the bottom, rather than straighten the whole hair at once.
6.During the whole straighten process, after you finished the iron straight remember let the lace wig cool it for a while. Then to check it is there any loos curl in the hair.

Hot Water Method
1.Apply the wig on the wig holder.
2.Pour the water into the kettle, then place it on the oven to make it boil. If you order long inch lace wig, make sure to get plenty of the water. When the water it boiled, then pour the oiled water into the wig, make sure all your hair wig will be soak into the water.
3.When the hair is wet,please do not use the comb brush it.
4.After the lace wig is totally dryer, you can use the wide tooth to comb it from top to the bottom. That will be according how curl is your lace wig.
5.Remember to be careful when you do the hot water straighten method. By the way you can repeat the hot water straightens method if you think your body wave lace wig is not very straight for the first time.

These are two comment straighten lace wig method, you can do it by yourself at home. If you have any good method to straighten the hair or lace wig. Welcome to leave the comment below.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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