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Almost every woman dreams to have Cheap Wigs Human Hair, so most of us choose to buy hair, especially human hair wigs. As we all know, human hair wigs are expensive than synthetic wigs, and other Cheap Human Hair Wigs products like hair bundles, so we are supposed to take good care of our wigs. Today let's guide to how to secure your wig.

Comb Gently
You should comb your wig first before using good, it is ok to try to comb slightly after putting on your Cheap Lace Front Wigs Human Hair . It's better to choose a sparse comb to brush the hair. The comb method is that side combs should be used when combing your wig, cannot undertake straight comb, and the motion wants light.

Don't Use Hairpins.
To prevent the wig from being blown away by the strong wind, some people like to use hairpins to clip the wig. However, do not overdo it. Otherwise, it's easy to hook the net of the lace then the net will be damaged.

Don't Wring While Washing
If you often wear hair wig, 2 to 3 months catharsis commonly advisable. Before washing, brush your wig with a comb first, the side that protects the hair element solution that USES dilute again is washed comb. Cut can not be wrong with both hands, more can not put the false foam washing liquid wash. Apply your hands to gently follow the direction of the hair silk drift above the foam, and then cool dry, avoid by all means in the sun exposure.

The washed wig should be dried naturally, not in a hurry with the sun.
After washing good wig, can use towel to absorb the water of wig dry, cannot use hand to pull dry wig. Then put the wig in a cool place and let it dry naturally, not in a hurry to use the sun.

Besides, there are also other things we need to pay out attention to. The weather was cool and the wig had been worn for a long time. When the weather is cool and the wig has been worn for a long time, you need to put it on a bracket when you go home. This makes the wig harder to roll up and makes it look smooth and good when worn.

Comb your wig had better make the head model of wood, the hair that had washed is covered support is on the head model, besmear a head oil, brush with steel wire or wood comb, comb tooth is combed outward. According to oneself interest, make it all sorts of hairstyle. Of course, the hairstyle should always arrange, ability achieves a hairdressing goal. However, the interval between grooming and flower making was longer than for real hair, once every half month in summer and once every month in winter.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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