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360 Wigs has become a popular choice in summer, many women like to wear it, because it is so comfortable and beautiful, you want to know the steps of installing 360 wig and why you choose 360 wig, please read on.

The following are the steps to install 360 Lace Wig
You need to wear a 360-front lace wig. You can use an adhesive to apply to the edge of the hairline, or you can use glue to fix the wig. The adhesive is gentler, and the glue is suitable for bald people.

1. Clean the skin: Before using glue to install 360 Lace Front Wigs, you need to make sure that there is no dirt and oil at the hairline. At this time, you need to wipe off the dirt with alcohol and a cotton swab, otherwise, the remaining dirt will be absorbed in the glue or glue It may eventually cause scalp tension or discomfort.

2. Apply adhesive or glue: You need to apply a thin layer evenly on the hairline first, and then wait time for the adhesive or glue to dry/tacky.

3. Fuse the lace with the skin: stick the lace of the wig around the hairline, press gently, starting from the middle, stick the lace in the correct position.

4. Trim the lace: After gluing all the tracks, cut off any remaining lace from the hairline. Using this method on the front of 360 lace, you can achieve a variety of styles very easily.

5. Set the shape of your wig: You can set the wig and adjust it according to your needs. Separate your wigs according to your needs. You can also use some cosmetics, such as eyeshadow or liquid foundation, and apply it on the hairline or parting area to make the appearance look more natural.

Why choose us

Mslynn's fine hair is not only soft, non-tangled, non-shedding, and can be dyed and permed.
It can also maintain a soft texture for up to one month, five months, a year or even longer, or wash once, five times, fifty times or even more times.
Customers can also re-styling, perm, and dye their hair while keeping them free from tangles and falling off and in good condition.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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