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The 360 Wigs is one of the most preferred wig choices by most ladies. It's easy to install, maintain, style, and also looks glamorous when worn. However, when it comes to removing the wig, especially for a lace frontal wig, 360 Lace Wig or full lace wig, it can be quite challenging for some wearers.

Step by step procedure for removing your human hair wig
Pull the human hair lace off.
Gently begin peeling the lace seam of the human hair off by the edges until all the lace comes off. While removing the 360 Lace Front Wigs , always ensure that you avoid pulling your baby hair or damaging your hair fiber.

Remove the wig tape form your hairline
After the edges are off, carefully peel off the wig tape from the base sides, then lift the wig and then spray the solvent underneath the lace.

Remove the wig cap
Remove your wig cap and ensure that you dispose of it. Avoid reusing wig caps, always use a new cap for each installation done.

Clean the remaining glue on your wig
Place the human hair edges in running water and gently wash it using your fingers to remove any extra glue that may still be on the hair. Using a handheld mirror, continue cleaning the inside of your wig to remove any stubborn adhesive left. Removal of excess glue will help your hair to install easily during your next wear.

Remove any glue on your skin or natural hair
Before removing any glue on your skin, ensure that you conduct a skin test before applying an adhesive remover to prevent any possible allergies. Before using the remover on your hair, add a little quantity of it at the back of your palm and let it sit there for 24 hours.

Wash and condition your human hair wig
If you have worn your human hair wig continuously for two weeks, wash it using a wig shampoo and hair conditioner to clean and also avoid damaging it altogether. Apply small quantities of shampoo on your wet wig and gently stroke it downwards using your fingers, then wash it off using running water.

Properly Store your human hair
Place you wig on a stand, let it air dry and brush it as per your intended desired style, then wrap it on a plastic bag and store it well.

Wash off your natural hair
Finally, wash your natural hair using both shampoo and hair conditioner to remove any oils while leaving your hair clean and fresh for your next installation.

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