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Correctly remove the lace front wig ,360 Lace,Lace closure wigs are very important. Wigs are just like your clothes. They need to be cleaned and placed in place after use. However, there are some details that need our attention to remove lace wigs . This article mainly discusses how to remove your 360 Frontal Closure from the head.

How to remove the wig, here are a few steps for reference
When fixing the wig, wig glue is used to make the wig and the skin stick together. You can't pull the wig off your head directly. The scalp will be very painful, and it may cause skin redness and injury, so you need to use a reasonable method to remove the 360 Lace Frontal Closure.

1. Use chemical products
Isopropyl alcohol is a chemical product with good glue removal effect. Use rubbing alcohol to squeeze it to any glue bonding place, wait a few minutes, the glue will gradually lose its viscosity. You can also wear a hair cap on your head to speed up the softening of the glue.
Then, you can pull the 360 Wigs Lace Front from any position of the hairline. If you want, you can use a special adhesive release spray for wigs instead of alcohol.

2. Cleaning
This is the glue or adhesive has almost been removed, and finally you should wash your wig to remove residual glue and dirt.

3. Comb your hair
Use a comb or soft toothbrush to wipe away the residue. You can without much of a stretch eliminate the dry paste from your hair by applying a limited quantity of conditioner to the paste containing region and brushing your hair with a tight tooth brush.

Tenderly brush from the scalp to the finishes of the hair. At the point when you begin to gain ground and delivery a few strands, use clasps to isolate the brushed parts to keep them from re-adhering to any paste that actually exists.
If you focus on removing the wig from your head, the process will proceed very quickly.

4. Place the wig
Now that your wig has been cleaned up, you need to dry your hair and then put the wig on the wig holder.
Of course, there is no one way to remove wigs, you can also use other methods to remove your wigs, depending on your preference.

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