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Whenever we want to add a new Headband Wig, andyou finally have it. Headband wigs are an excellent way to protect natural hair and help maintain the health and length of the hair. To wear a wig, you must first prepare natural hair and braid the natural hair into braids. When you are not sure how to prepare, the next step is the detailed process of how to prepare natural hair for the wig.

Why prepare your natural hair?
The correct weaving of natural hair will make the effect of wearing a Curly Headband Wig more realistic, because no one wants to see their hair bulges or uneven furrows. When preparing a human hair wig for natural hair, you need to braid the hair underneath. Braids ensure that your wig looks natural and help prevent hair from drying out or knotting.

How to prepare natural hair for wearing a Headband Wig Human Hair

Wash your hair
Washing your natural hair before wearing a wig will make you feel relaxed and free after wearing a headband wig. You can consider that wearing a wig without washing your hair will easily accumulate oil on the scalp, which will affect the pH of the scalp and cause the scalp not feeling well. Therefore, washing your hair before wearing a headband wig is good for your scalp. It is best to use conditioner shampoo designed to nourish and cleanse. Clean the hair every week, and use light oil to lock the moisture in the hair and maintain the healthy state of the hair.

Braid your hair
First, comb your hair neatly with a small comb, and braid your hair into mini twists and giant flat twists. These can prevent your natural hair from being damaged by the wig and reduce the friction between it and the wig. Another advantage compared to braids is that when you take a break from a wig, it is easier to loosen your natural hair and then comb your hair.
Then, control your edges, put on a headband wig and fasten your headband to start working.

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