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When you have a Curly Lace Front Wigs, you will find ways to design a natural look. First of all, plucking it is the first step. Mslynn's wig is a pre-plucked baby hair, of course, you can further pluck it to achieve the look you want.

What is a pre-pull wig
Pre-plucked wigs are different from other wigs. Some companies will pre-pluck the wigs, but some companies will not. The process of plucking hair is very labor-intensive and material-intensive. If the wig you received is not plucked, please don’t worry, in this blog I will show you how to pluck your wig.Body Wave Lace Front Wig

The following are the detailed steps of plucking:

Tools needed: lace wig, tweezers, watering can, canvas wig head, wig holder, tack
Step 1: Take out the baby hair that has been plucked from the Deep Wave Lace Front Wig, and place it on the wig holder. Fix it with a tack to avoid random movement during operation. You want it to look natural, but not too thin. Use tweezers to move around the same spot without interruption.

Step 2: If it is not thin enough, flick down, roll gently, and then cross the hairline, there will be many small hairs, gently make it have natural hair like a gradation effect.

Step 3: This time, you have to push all the hair onto the hair, spray it with water, and create a natural edge.

1. Not everyone likes plucking wigs. Some people like to show thick hairline. You can do this step according to your preference without reducing the density of the hairline.
2. The process of plucking requires you to carefully pluck your hair, because the high-definition lace is very brittle and easy to tear.
The above method can be used to pluck body wave lace front wig, deep curly lace front wig, and deep wave wig.

Hope the guide is helpful to you.If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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