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Do you care about your appearance? Lace has gradually become a popular element among African American women, and Transparent Lace Wig can modify your head and make subtle feelings come true.

What Is A Transparent Lace Wig
The transparent lace wig shows the freedom of hair type due to its realistic and comfortable properties. There are many transparent lace wigs, including lace closure wigs, lace front wigs, full lace wigs, T wigs, etc. Different lace wigs perform different functions but can bring natural visual effects. Different types of lace wigs allow users to choose according to different needs.

How To Make Your Transparent Lace Wig More Natural

Real human hair or fiber hair
1.Real human hair and lace are combined into one to form a Human Hair Lace Wigs. The lace highlights the texture similar to the scalp and the touch and appearance of real human hair are amazing. Human hair is everywhere on the market, especially when it is combined with lace to give these items a new look.

2.Adapt to the color of the scalp
The color of the transparent lace wig is milky white, so it may not be completely adapted to the color of your skin. Therefore, you need to dress up your lace. You can use liquid foundation to color the displayed lace so that no flaws can be seen.

3. Choose the right capsize
Another important factor is to choose the right hat size. With the right cap, the transparent human hair lace wig will be worn on the head in the correct size.

In the wig market, there are three wig hat sizes:

Small: 21-21.75 inches

Medium: 22-22.75 inches

Large: 23-23.5 inches
The sizes generally provided on the website are average sizes. If you want a larger or smaller size, you can contact customer service to choose the size that suits you. In Mslynn, the wig cap can also be adapted to your head through the adjustment strap at the back.
Tip: You need to measure the size of your head in advance to make it more natural for you to wear a transparent lace wig.

Buy a Real Human Hair Wigs, choose a lace mesh "transparent lace" wig that can blend into your skin, so you don't have any regrets. From mastering the perfect all-day wig, to the shoes of your favorite celebrity, from head to toe is your fashion statement.
Hope the guide is helpful to you, if you want to learn more, please visit Mslynn.If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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