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A Closure Wig can make your extension installation appear more natural, but it’s an investment.  It takes maintenance to keep your lace front looking stylish and effortless.After reading these tips, you’ll be ready to keep your Own 4x4 Closure Wig To Finish Fast And Easy, longer! Let’s start!

Tip #1: Be Gentle. Your lace front closure might look like your scalp, but it’s not.
Scratching with your fingernails, tugging, or vigorous washing can damage your lace front and lead to balding.

Hair loss on Lace Closure Wigs happens easily because it’s not wefted like normal extensions. Each hair is individually knotted and secured into the base with a strong adhesive. This gives your closure its natural look, but makes it very delicate.

Tip #2: Brush Properly. Gentle, proper brushing will go a long way for making your closure last longer.
To brush: run your comb gently through the ends of your hair and work your way up. Hold down your roots while brushing to prevent excessive tugging. 

Tip #3: Keep Cool. Excessive heat will damage your new sew in. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have killer curls.  Soft, bendy rollers can give you the curl you want without the heat. Put them in overnight on your dry or damp (not soaking) hair.  There are plenty of styling options that don’t require heat. You can still look fire without burning up your hair!

Tip #4: Use the right products. The products you use for your extensions maintenance play a major role in its look.
They might be convenient, but most drug store  products can damage your lace front. Avoid products with a high alcohol content because these can lead to hair damage and tangling.  For ideal care, invest in pH acidic products. If you’re overwhelmed by options, ask your stylist for product recommendations.

Tip #5: Wrap it up. Your lace front might look fire when you go to bed, but if you don’t wrap up you’ll be waking up to a matted mess.  You’ll have to add proper closure care to your nightly routine to keep fresh.
Never go to bed with a wet weave. Make sure that the hair is dry to avoid tangles and that musty wig smell.

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