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Hey, it's said that you have bought a lace wig. Experienced people all know that it's not easy to care for lace front wigs. We all like natural and healthy hair. Human Hair Lace Front Wigs are very natural. Do you want to know how to keep your Transparent Lace Wig natural? Let's have a look. This article may give you some guidance.

How long you can wear your new natural wig depends on your daily maintenance ability. You can clean or condition your HD Lace Frontal to make it look healthy and shiny as it was at the beginning. The following points need your attention.

Cleaning frequency

We often get customers asking how often I should clean my lace front wig. In fact, it depends on the condition of the wig. Generally speaking, when the hair becomes sticky or dry, it should be washed once. But washing too many times will shorten the life of the wig, so don't wash your hair often. It's better to wash the wig before lace once a week or two.

Don't use too hot water

The water temperature may affect the strength of the hair roots and whether the skin can be cleaned. If you want to clean your hair, the best way is warm water.

Use the right shampoo

Make sure you use a deep conditioner to moisturize your hair and prevent it from drying or breaking due to lack of moisture. At the same time, the use of special human hair shampoo, this shampoo to a certain extent, the least damage to the hair.

Squeezing is not wringing

After washing your hair, you don't need to wring it out. This action may cause irreversible effect on hair loss. The right way to do it is to wrap the wig smoothly with a dry towel to squeeze out moisture and avoid rubbing.

Drying method

You've sucked a lot of moisture out of your wig. Now you just need to put it in a well ventilated place and dry it naturally.
Storage method,

If you don't use a wig, make sure the wig is placed on the wig holder, which helps to keep the shape of the wig.
I hope the guide is useful,If you want to learn more

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