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I want to show you how i wrap up my hair at night when i wearing a front especially i use got to be free spray by doing the same thing if i were to apply my weight with glue , i get this question a lot just like the ask others how do you maintain your hair ,this blog will share you about how to care for your 360 Wigs at night.

What is 13×4 360 frontal wig
Here in the middle you get 13 by 4 so it goes all into the back ,so you don;t get a lot of heart expense in the middle.360 frontal has many strong points,hairstyle versatily and more breathable when you wear, At the same time,you should know the daily maintenance of 360 Lace Wig soit could make its best function.

How To Maintain your 360 Lace Frontal At Night
Wrap it
Before going to bed, you need to use a scarf and nightcap silk to cover your hair.first thing i will do is take a scarf and tie my hairline they're gonna needs to be tied down out here  you okay that make sure everything is  covered ,grap all hair tuck it in night cap silk,and
i need to do any like lace touch-up or bumping out my hair  put it up and snap it,it comes in handy that Wearing a nightcap silk helps to prevent your 360 Lace Frontal Wig from getting wet when take a shower and also protects your hair from rubbing between the wig and the pillow.and you can get silk cap bun from the store or onilne amazon.

The right product
Correct use of products is a crucial factor in shaping the appearance and maintaining the wig,and then next morning, your hair looks neat when you open it, but you need to use some suitable products to refresh my hair,my legs is still down one side my hot iron and pressed out the top .you know you may have a little flower leg this just take a little bit got to be and spray on top and just go your blow dryer you put it on cool and set it right back  it's like the easiest way to like maintain lace wig,and next step you can choose style your hair using heat iron.

I hope this guide is useful for you.If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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