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U Part Wig Human Hair is different from the wig we usually wear, it is a new type of wig. If you don't like closures or frontal lobe, choosing the U part is definitely a more natural appearance.

What is a U wig

U wigs are made of breathable sweaters, so these are non-Human Hair Lace Wigs, there are six clips inside, so you clip it to the braid, so you can open and close it at night, there are also elastic bands that can be adjusted The size is too big to make it tighter.

How to install a U-shaped wig

Measure the size of the natural missed area
First, you need to measure and leave hair that is 2 inches wide and 4 inches long on top of natural hair. So the width I left is 2 inches, that is the distance I want to measure now, the back length will be determined by the length of your actual braid to the side of your omission, so I measured 4 inches with a tape measure and I was there A mark was made to show what you want to stop.

1.Before installing the U wig, take out a top to cut off the belt of the area connecting the U wig. When reducing the belt, be careful not to cut off the edge weft part, which may cause your U wig to fail to work properly. use.

2.First, prepare your natural hair. Separate some of the edges, braid the remaining parts that don’t need to breathe and weave them into corn shreds. You need to leave some hair in the front to make the ultimate look more natural. This part imitates the actual hair. Part, make sure everything is fine and blended together.

3.Place the wig at a suitable position on your head, and use clips and adjustable straps to ensure that it is firmly attached to your natural hair.

4.Finally, let the natural hair down with a little heat, and heat it to make the hair level.  Make Sure it is Real Human Hair Wigs.Please note that if your U wig is synthetic hair, please do not use flat iron to shape it.

Here, the U wig is not sewn or glued, so just integrate the edge control function you know into the hair.

Hope the guide is helpful to you.f you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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