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In daily life, beach wavy wigs can be seen everywhere. Would you like to know how to use Headband Wig to create gorgeous wave shapes? Here are some tips that stylists can share.

What is a beach wavy wig
Unfinished, messy Curly Headband Wig looks beautiful, they present a relaxed and individual appearance. Regardless of your length or texture, with or without bangs, wavy hair will work. This is a long-lasting style, but after a few days, these waves will become loose, then you need to make your own wave-style hairstyle.

What are the available styles for using Headband Wig Human Hair to make beach wave curly hair
Overall wave
The overall wave is to make all the hair into waves, by using a flat iron to make a fluffy wave, starting from the root to the tip, using the iron alternately from left to right to form a soft bend. Then, after your waves cool for a few minutes, use a wide-toothed comb to comb your hair to create an easy-to-finish look.

Half-up and half-down wave
After dividing the hair into upper and lower parts, pull the upper part into a batch of tall horses, divide the hair into several parts with a curling iron, and use a tapered styling rod to create this spiral s-wave effect. This style does not need to curl all the hair, you can make baby hair to create a fun and playful style.
Low ponytail
The low ponytail waves add huge volume to the hair, and the whole smooth low ponytail texture looks very thick, showing a fashion style and surprising elements.
High ponytail
Pull up all the hair, divide it into several rolls, roll the waves into a medium-level ponytail, add a nice curve to the hair, and finally, add spray to get a better fluffy effect.

If you want to have any hair loss or thinning of the hair, a headband wig may be a way to help you restore your hair to normal.

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