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Hair condition directly affects the appearance of the hairstyle. The facts show that frizzy Headband Wig makes the hair look imperfect. Women try many ways to reduce or avoid this situation. Would you like to know the specific method? Continue reading

What is a headband wig
The headband of the Curly Headband Wig can be removed at will. Therefore, you can switch to different styles within a few minutes by changing the headband. The hairstyles of headband wigs are diverse and life is short. You may need different styles to satisfy For your fashion needs, Headband Wig Human Hair are very suitable for you.

How to fix dry real human hair headband wig

1. Correctly comb your hair
First, slowly comb the wig from the top of your head downwards. You may need to use your fingers to gently loosen the tangles.

2. Use care products to maintain your hair
Real human hair wigs are different from synthetic wigs. They don’t need care products, so they can’t be used after being worn a few times. The ideal choice for many people is real human hair. Real human hair can be treated to refresh your fake hair.

3. Master the cleaning frequency
Generally speaking, wigs do not have the nutrient supply produced by the natural scalp. Therefore, it is necessary to master the appropriate washing frequency. Frequent washing times will shorten the life of the hair. At the same time, it is best not to rub or directly put the fake into it. Washing in the washing machine will make the hair tangled and affect the condition of the hair. Note that you must use warm or cold water to wash your hair.

4. Store wigs appropriately
When the wig is not in use, it is best to place the fake on the wig holder and head mold.

5. Blow dry your hair from the inside out
Then soak it in warm water with shampoo for about 10 minutes. Take it out and clean it. Then spray some special care solution for wigs on it. Use lotion to moisturize your hair and add moisture to your hair. Bounce all day.

Blowing hair also requires skill. First, dry the inner layer of hair, and then slowly straighten the outer layer of wig. The effect of straightening with a comb is better. When it is 80% dry, apply a layer of leave-in conditioner on the wig, and the wig will become very smooth

Trim the ends of the hair
Generally speaking, the hair ends that have been straightened with a heating tool are more likely to dry, and trimming the ends of the wig can make the wig look neater as a whole.

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