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Lace Front Wigs attach to your natural hair and add length and volume. Whether you have shorter hair and want to add some length or have thin, lifeless hair and want to add body, hair extensions can help you achieve your desired style. there are two types of hair extensions: synthetic and human hair. The human hair extensions are a higher quality and ensure the most natural look. You can style them the way you would your natural hair, including Curly Lace Front Wigs .

1. Brush or comb all of the human hair wigs wefts out to remove any tangles.

2. Spray a thermal heat protectant over the extensions and brush through. This helps add protection to the hair by acting as a barrier from the heat of hot styling tools.

3. Heat your curling iron.

4. Clip a single weft from your Human Hair Lace Front Wigs onto a piece of cardboard, place the cardboard on a ledge or off the side of a table and put a weight on top of the cardboard. A bookend or door stopper works well. By setting each hair extension up in this manner for curling, you have both hands free.

5. Press the handle on the curling iron to open the barrel. Place a 1-inch section of hair into the opening and grip the very ends.

6. Wind this section of hair around the curling iron until you reach the top of the weft.

7. Wait for about 30 seconds and then slowly begin unwinding the hair without pulling, as this can ruin the curl.

8. Curl the rest of the weft of hair in this manner. The smallest may require only a single curl. Spray the entire human hair extension lightly with hairspray to set the curls.

9. Repeat this process over the rest of the hair extension wefts, working in 1-inch sections until all of the hair is curled.

10.Run your fingers through the wefts of hair to loosen the curls slightly. This blends the curls together nicely and helps you achieve the most natural look when you place them in your hair.

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