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Every person with Curly Human Hair Wigs in the world has some frizz. This is inevitable, but you can take some measures to stop him. I will cover two parts in this blog. In the first part, you will understand To why your hair is frizzy, the second part is what you can do to prevent frizzy wigs, so let's continue.
Reasons Why your hair is frizzy
①Lack of moisture, Deep Wave Lace Front Wig is naturally drier than straight hair, so a lot of moisture is needed. We need moisturizing products or water to wet the hair.
The second cause of frizzy hair is
②The weather, therefore, if the weather is very humid, the moisture in the air will cause frizz. If the weather is particularly dry, your Body Wave Lace Front Wig will become very big because it tries to find moisture in the air.
The third cause of frizzy hair is
③Product buildup, so you may find yourself frizzy near the halo area, which may become sticky and rough. At this time, you need to eliminate some products that may cause accumulation.
④There may be other reasons. If you are a person sitting in an office, sometimes you keep playing with your hair, and rubbing and touching will make your hair frizzy.

How To Prevent Frizzy Hair
1.Add Moisture
Moisture Tip#1
Deep Condition: Curly hair is Protein/Moisture Balance. Regular deep conditioning treatments. I recommend starting them once a week to nourish the hair and prevent moisture loss.
Moisture Tip#2
Squish To Condish: The essence is to apply conditioner when you wet your hair. There is water and conditioner in it, and move your hair in pulses like a hoarse sound. Here, this will be from the inside to Nourish them in another way.
Moisture Tip#3
Water Water: Sprinkle water on your hair to redefine your hair. In the process of sprinkling, comb your hair with your hands, which will help your hair regain its shape.
Moisture Tip#4
Protect Your Hair: Protect your hair overnight, make sure you do not sleep on the cotton pillowcase and produce too much frizz, and tie your hair in a protective way.
Moisture Tip#5
Clarify Your Hair: If you have a lot of oil on your hair or outdoor elements cause dust and dirt to accumulate on your hair, use a sulphate-free shampoo. Make sure there is water in your hair, this can really help prevent dryness.
Hope the guide is helpful to you.

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