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Real human hair is collected from young girls, Cheap Lace Front Wigs sounds incredible, but in fact it exists, Mslynn allows you to enjoy cheap wigs.
Types of wig materials

1.Human hair feels the best. The wig made of real human hair is made of pure human hair that has been processed. It has high fidelity, is not easy to knot, can be dyed, permed, and is convenient to change hairstyles. The price is higher. , The qualitative effect is not very good. Cheap Human Hair wigs add vitality to your overall image.

2.The second is chemical fiber (the chemical fiber is brighter). The wig of chemical fiber is made of chemical fiber, which has poor fidelity and itching after wearing, which is easy to react with the scalp. However, the price is cheap and the styling effect is long-lasting. However, long-term use of this chemical fiber can hinder the metabolism of the scalp, so it is not suitable for long-term use.

3.The end is animal hair. Because the same weight of hair curtain animal hair is significantly fluffy than Cheap Front Lace Wigs and chemical fiber, and the hand feel is different. Of course, the difference between chemical fiber and animal hair is not very big. But in terms of price, animal hair is slightly more expensive than chemical fiber.

4. There is also a wig made by mixing the three or the two.

Raw materials used in human hair

Shun Fat Remy Hair Same name: Virgin Hair, Remy Virgin Hair
That is, the root of the hair is the root of the hair, the hair is a little bit of the hair, the big braid is cut, the head and the tail are not upside down, and it is not messy. This is the best raw material for making wigs. Hair is elastic

Real hair has many advantages

1. Good texture: human hair usually feels smooth and comfortable to touch
2. Natural appearance: Human wigs are human hair. It looks shiny, and it is very soft with this type of wig.
3.Free style: One of the best things about human hair is that it can be styled. This means color, curling, straightening and perming.

Choosing a wig is an important thing, it directly determines how you feel when using it in the future and how you look. Come to Mslynn, there are many cheap wigs for you to choose.

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