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360 Wigs is becoming more and more popular among users of human hair products with its outstanding natural appearance and create style easily. Many women are new to human hair wigs and hair products, they are confused by the wide array of choices and different types of human hair wigs available in the market. This article will give you a detailed understanding of how to choose a suitable 360 Lace Wig .

1.Hairstyle Since there are myriad wig styles to choose from, you might feel a little bit timid about the whole experience for the first time. Do not be scared. 360 Lace Frontal Wig have improved significantly over the years to offer the exact look you’re dreaming of. There are several choices that will seamlessly integrate with your scalp and facial features. You can start by wearing something that more closely matches your current or previous hairstyle.

2.Length The three main lengths to choose from are the short wigs, medium length wigs, and long wigs. Short wigs are considerably better for more humid areas that let your body always feel hot. The longer the wig, the more heat will be trapped, making long wigs better for cold seasons or areas. You don’t have to let this get in the way of the looks you desire though.

3.Texture The choices for texture include straight, wavy and curly. When it comes to texture, considering the shape of your face proves crucial. Go for the wig texture that contributes to beautify your face. While round faces look best with spiky pixie wigs, oval faces look charming in long, wavy wigs.

4.Color With wigs, there’s no shortage in variation of colors. However, finding the perfect one to match your own color can prove tricky. If this is going to be your first-time wig, it’s important you consider remaining closer to your natural hair color. You can advance to try different wig colors later. It’s also important to consider your natural skin tone and eye color when choosing your wig.

5.Cap Size The size of the wig is directly related to your comfort. If it’s too big, it might become obvious you’re wearing a wig. If it’s too small, it flatly won’t fit your head. Although over 90% of wigs are classified as average size, you can readily find wigs that come in petite and large sizes. As a beginner, you might not be sure what cap size to choose. Use a tailor measuring tape to measure the circumference of your head from the front of your head to behind your ear through the nape of your neck and to the other ear finalizing at the front of your head.

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