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With the arrival of the sunny summer, women seem to want to change, whether it is hairstyle or clothing needs to be updated, and Headband Wig have obviously become a fashion trend, but for black women to find suitable headband wigs It may not be known. In this blog, I will mainly list a few elements to help women find their headband wigs.

Determine whether your skin is cool or warm, and find the color that suits your Curly Headband Wig,It is very important to find a headband wig that suits you according to your skin tone! The color of the unsuitable headband wig may repel your beauty. Finding a hair color that suits your skin tone will be very helpful to your beauty.

Method of judging skin color
The most real skin tone can be displayed by looking at the color under the wrist.
If the veins you see on your wrist look blue or purple, it means that your background color is colder, just as blue and purple are cool colors on the color scale. If your veins look green, then your skin will have a warmer undertone.
What if there are both? This means you have a neutral undertone.
When you choose a Headband Wig Human Hair, you should choose a shade that is actually the opposite of your skin's undertone. So if you have a cool color, you should choose a warm color wig, if you have a warm skin tone, then your wig should be a cool color. If you have a neutral background, you can choose either way. You should also keep several shades of natural colors, whether dark or light, to get the most natural and attractive look.
Find the wig color that matches the skin tone: Usually wigs and skin colors are matched, and there is an opposite principle, that is, cool tones should be matched with dark or warm wigs, and warm tones are matched with cool wigs. , The medium tone can be matched with any wig color, as long as it has a natural appearance.
Some cool hair colors are: gray tones, strawberry blonde tones, and purple tones.
Some warm-colored wigs are: wine red, honey brown, and blonde hair.

Find the hair texture that suits you
Whether you are attending an event or at home, it is important to seek a hairstyle that suits your hair quality. Curly headband wigs unexpectedly show the cute side to hot moms. Whether it is a fine or loose wave, it is a trend to have a real and natural side. General direction.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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